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"Magnetic North Theatre Festival y el Fringe Theatre Festival. Dos Festivales du Teatro en Ottawa."

por Manuel García Martínez. ADE Teatro. No. 149. Marzo 2014. Spain. 




“I go to a lot of theatre. I get depressed by all the mediocre scripts that are performed. But Theatre 4.669’s production of Un-Countried at the undercurrents festival has restored my faith in Canadian theatre.”

- Barb Popal, APT 613, February 11, 2017.



“J’ai eu une crises de belle soirée au TNO lors de la premiere sudbroise de Fucking Carl. Il faut que je le dise; ça fait crisssement longtemps que je n’ai pas ri comme ça au théâtre” - Daniel Aubin, Le Voyageur, Sudbury.

November 29, 2017.

“Ordinarily this type of cross gendered casting can veer into over the top or gimmicky stereotyping of the opposite gender, but Yergeau and Roy nail the portrayal of their respective characters to create a very sincere and complex on stage relationship. It’s almost magical to watch…” - Caitlin Gowans, New Ottawa Critics. June 22, 2014.


“A very enjoyable 100-minute romp.  I recommend you bring your BFF, your spouse, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your stockbroker, and/or your banker to The Gladstone for Bankrupt.” - Barb Popel, APT613. March 3, 2015.

“I was amused, entertained, somewhat shocked, and a little bit turned on by the theatre’s current production, “Bankrupt” - Hollie G Davies, Eventful Capital. March 4, 2014.



"A must see for anyone who like funny, quirky, energetic comedies that hits you right in the feels."

Production Ottawa, Valerie Cardinal, June 30th 2013.


"a funny, lightning quick show with wonderfully strong and robust performances. It’s a show that will give you a lot of what you expect as well as taking you to places you didn’t and couldn’t have expected while delivering a huge amount of heart. There’s really nothing else like it around. At all. See it." Allan Mackay, Onstage Ottawa, July 2013.


"continuous intensity and a tremendous amount of energy" - Apt613 Allison Vanek, June 22, 2013. 




"This show manages to be both high concept and low brow.Ottawa Sneezers, Sterling Lynch, Jan 2011


"engaging, refreshing and surprisingly affirmative"  Ottawa Citizen, Patrick Langston, Jan 2011


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