BOARD OF DIRECTORS:  Athena Basta, Emily Carvell, Brad Long, Robert Marinier, Kevin Orr 



I sometimes think of theatre as an extreme sport without the physical dangers of falling off a cliff. Can theatre be as exciting as a Stanley Cup Final? My extreme sports are playing hockey and riding a motorcycle. They both thrill and frighten me. When seeking calm, I pedal my bicycle and often spy a Great Blue Heron standing on a rock in the river. Like carving an edge on the ice or balancing a fast moving bike and witnessing a majestic bird, theatre can be thrilling, frightening and calming all at once. It should, at the very least, demand your attention.​


John is a self-taught Ottawa-based set designer and theatre creator, who particularly loves working on new creations for its integrated creative experience. Provocative unnerving art really speaks to him right now, undoubtedly due to the present political and social landscape. To that end, here are some artists which really inspire him: Olafur Eliasson, Philip Lorca diCorcia, Andreas Levers,  Bryan Yungen and Doug Wheeler


Ludmylla has nine years of creation, adaption and research on storytelling. Their preferred mediums of exploration are media and live performance, currently focusing on filmmaking. They have graduated from an MFA in Directing for Theater in 2018, a B.F.A Conservatory in Acting in 2014 and a College Degree in Communication Media/Digital Studies in 2008. Since then they have jumped on opportunities to explore diverse narrative structures and how different audiences receive the stories we present. Ludmylla moved from Brazil to Canada in 2016 and this allowed them to explore a merging of their passions into a new mode, more flexible to the speed of life allowing shorter response time to the experiences she lives and witnesses. Here for the innovators.