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Evelyn Carlyle married the perfect man and created her ideal family. But when her three adult children return home to celebrate their parents’ 30th anniversary, her creation starts to look like a failed lab experiment.

Choice, identity and the nature of connection collide in a gripping exploration of the intimate role of science and technology in our lives. How does technology shape our deepest familial relationships in ways we don’t understand or even recognize? What does it mean to grow-up in an age when technology gives us once

impossible choices?

A powerful futuristic family drama that gets at the ancient roots of what it is to be human, or not.

A world premiere. @ LabO Theatre

The Anniversary was nominated for many Prix Rideau Awards, including:

  1. Outstanding Production (Winner),

  2. Outstanding Design - Jon Lockhart,

  3. Outstanding Direction - Kevin Orr,

  4. Outstanding Performance - Eve Beauchamp, Hugh Neilson & Kristina Watt (Winner – Eve Beauchamp),

  5. Outstanding New Creation (Winner)

  6. Emerging Artist was won by Eve Beauchamp.

Cast and Crew

Writer: Jacob Berkowitz
Director: Kevin Orr
Stage Manager: Jane Vanstone Osborn

Costume Design: Vanessa Imeson
Stage and Light Design: Jonathan Lockhart


Kristina Watt

Hugh Neilson

Ludmylla Reis

Puja Uppal
Eve Beauchamp

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