Theatre 4.669 has been recognized for its fine work by the Ottawa professional theatre community earning sixteen Prix Rideau Award Nominations and winning six. 


Since 2010, Theatre 4.669 has developed 31 new projects, working with over 80 different actors/writers/theatre creators, designers and stage managers. We develop shows in 3 phases: phase 1 is the summer lab devoted to experimentation; in phase 2, we develop experiments further, culminating in a workshop or fringe presentation; in phase 3 we seek producing partners for the work .  

Phase 2 projects have included include Un-Countried (Undercurrents 2017), Dicky Dicky (Ottawa Fringe 2017)  We have no Curtains (Public Reading 2016) Fucking Carl (Ottawa Fringe 2014) Bankrupt (Public Reading 2014) We Glow (Ottawa Fringe 2012), and Bifurcate Me (Undercurrents 2011).



In addition, other producers have picked up shows, initially developed during Theatre 4.669’s summer Creators’ Lab for production in their theatres. These include: Little Boxes (undercurrents 2018) Araignée (Fringe 2014 & Théâtre de l’Île’s Carte Blanche series 2012), Bread (Undercurrents & The Magnetic North Theatre Festival, 2012), Much Ado About Feckin Pirates (The Toronto Clown Festival 2015, Undercurrents 2015, and Parry Riposte Productions 2014) and The Peptides’ Love & Hate (Undercurrents and Summerworks in Toronto 2015).


Phase 3 projects that we have continued to helm artistically  have included Plosive's 2015 production of Bankrupt at the Gladstone Theatre; We Glow toured to the Winnipeg and Edmonton Fringe Festivals in 2014; and Wildside Festival in Montreal  with Bifurcate Me. In 2016 Théâtre du Trillium will be producing Fucking Carl as part of their 2016/17 season and it will tour Ontario in 2017/18.


In a short time we have pursued our mandate to create new work, in new ways, with different artists, in both languages with delightful success. Theatre 4.669 will continue to push the boundaries of theatre creation in Ottawa and continue to develop work from infant idea, through all phases of development.



Much Ado About

Feckin' Pirates