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2022 Participants 



Marianne Oswald
Caroline Yergeau
avec Alexandre Gauthier et Marie-Th. Morin
Concepteur: Christopher Moore


Marianne Oswald (1901-1985) est une chanteuse française dont les performances scéniques s’inscrivaient à la fois dans les styles du cabaret allemand et de la chanson réaliste française. Elle a été chanteuse, comédienne, autrice, productrice pour la radio et la télévision… et pourtant, elle est très peu connue du grand public.
Dans le cadre du Theatre 4.669 SUMMER Creators’ Lab 2022, nous avons exploré la mise en commun de deux scripts qui présentent des visions complémentaires de Marianne Oswald, afin de vérifier la manière dont ils peuvent cohabiter ou dialoguer sur scène.
Le scénario # 1 consiste en un « docu-fiction » qui tente de circonscrire qui est réellement Marianne Oswald, à la suite d’allégations d’allégeances pronazies et pronucléaires. Un animateur mégalomane guide le spectateur à travers divers moments de la vie de la chanteuse, qui sont discutés par de multiples intervenants, réels ou fictifs, bien intentionnés ou non, anachroniques ou non.
Le scénario # 2 consiste en une transposition poétique sur scène des thèmes qui ressortent de la vie de Marianne Oswald : féminité/masculinité, beauté/laideur, vérité/mensonge, force/vulnérabilité et qui suggère des moments de ses performances artistiques.
Nous faisons se côtoyer sur scène : vidéo, jeu d’acteur, mouvement, musique, chanson… dans une forme éclectique qui, nous le croyons, sert à merveille à traduire la persona artistique de Marianne Oswald.

Caroline Yergeau

Alexandre Gauthier

Caro+Yergeau+casting+2012-WEB (2).jpg

Marie-Thé Morin

Christopher Moore

MTMorin_par Pier Rodier.jpg
Head short - C Moore.jpg
MARIAN by Kate Smith
Music and Lyrics by Kate Smith, David DaCosta & Scottie Irving


Robin Hood is dead. Maid Marian is compelled to pick up the mantle. But when the Merry Men won’t work for a woman, she must recruit a new bunch of thieves to keep the spirit of Robin Hood alive. Along with Sister Mary Nunchucks, the President of the Robin Hood Fan Club, and a cast of other colourful characters, these badass bitches steal from the rich and give to the poor like it ain’t no thang. Until they get caught. A new musical comedy that explores why powerful women make the rest of society so damn uncomfortable - and why they must keep doing it. 

Over the course of Theatre 4.669’s Summer Lab 2022 our creative team of talented local artists composed of Kate Smith (Project Leader/Director), David DaCosta, (Musician/Performer), Rebecca Russell (Performer), and Scottie Irving (Musician/Musical Consultant), worked to polish existing material and generate music and scenes for new musical Marian. With the time and funding offered by 4.669, our team was able to work towards subverting the classic tropes of the musical theatre genre to satirize the current political climate, specifically with regards to women’s rights, governance over their own bodies, equality, gender politics, and leadership styles. The Lab’s timeline allowed for more integration of ideas over a longer period of time. In the end, we were able to produce the first draft of what will become Act I of the show, plot out the remaining skeleton of the piece, generate new songs and material, and experiment with a range of instruments including guitar, harp, piano, recorder, and percussion. We explored the idea of “the troubadour” (as a narrative device, how it influences design); we grappled with who owns the narrative (as in, who gets to tell the story? When and how?); we explored the purpose of “revenge” and how it can be exacted; and we presented 20 minutes of new material to an invited audience on August 15 (we actually made closer to 50 minutes material and had to cut it down!). A huge thanks to the artists, Jennifer Cecil, Ludmylla Reiss, Kevin Orr, the University of Ottawa, and everyone at Theatre 4.669 for giving us the opportunity to dream big and the space and time to take a huge step forward on Marian!


Kate Smith

Scottie Irving


David DaCosta


Rebecca Russell

Small Tortures (I love you)
Associate: Miriam Cusson
Artists: Ludmylla Reis and Lola Ryan


Small Tortures ( i love you ) uses physical theatre and dance to explore the power dynamics that can exist in toxic intimate partner relationships. Through subtle body movements present within the mundane experiences of a life shared with a partner, we get to observe how violence has a secret language. Through the Lab, Ludmylla and the dancers Jocelyn and Alya could play with vignettes about overt and covert violence and explore emotions such as fear, loss, care and shock. Miriam Cusson and Lola Ryan were fundamental in supporting the piece's narrative arc and rhythmic tempo. As the creator and choreographer, Ludmylla hopes to continue developing this piece to full scale and a new iteration is already set to be presented at UNDERCURRENTS Festival 2023. 


Lola Ryan

Ludmylla Reis.jpg

Ludmylla Reis

jocelyn todd.jpeg

Jocelyn Todd



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