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Theatre 4.669 is a play development company that nurtures projects from initial impulse to final production


  • We are a partnership between professional Ottawa theatre artists and a supporting core artistic team who join forces to create and present new work.

  • We leap into the performance air between abstraction and narration exploring all forms of theatrical expression.

  • We make theatrical experiences that justify the words “live performance”.

  • We blend the complimentary aesthetics of French and English culture.

  • We develop a unique creative process for each project.

  • We stimulates new and constant growth in the professional theatre community and hopes to bring the unique Outaouais theatre vibe beyond local environs



Why 4.669?

In the 1970s, at the Los Alamos Experimental Science Lab, scientist Mitchell Feigenbaum was studying fluid turbulence when the graph of his problem began to bifurcate (split into two possible solutions) and then bifurcate again and again prior to becoming fully chaotic. He determined that chaotic systems bifurcate at a constant scale of 4.669. Feigenbaum had discovered a constant in the complex dynamics of Chaos. We became enchanted by this idea that overlaps all scientific fields and seems to touch on the humanistic disciplines of Aesthetics and Philosophy. We like the fact that there are universal constants in the chaotic experiment of humanity. One of these is expressed in Feigenbaum’s Number. We have therefore called ourselves: THEATRE 4.669.

Bifurcation Graph

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