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2014 Participants 

( Carl Jung, Wolfgang Pauli and a visit to Comicon) 


Jacob Berkowitz
with Todd Duckworth & Chris Ralph
Lab Experience:

Entangled is the imaginative telling of the intense friendship between psychologist Carl Jung and quantum physicist Wolfgang Pauli. Over five years, I'd researched and written a draft script. In conversations with Orr, and subsequent bouts of editing, the script found new voice, energy and--drama. The page-to-stage process with actors Duckworth and Ralph revealed the emotional tension at the play's heart.



Todd Duckworth

Jacob Berkowitz

Chris Ralph

By and with Laura Hall & Tania Levy




Laura Hall

Lab Experience

We began with a desire to explore the experiences of women in geek culture with our base inspiration coming from the original dynamic duo: Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. With the help of Kevin and Theatre 4.669 we have taken the classic characters of Holmes and Watson into the world of Comic-Cons and the Deep Web, making them fresh, exciting, engaging and (surprise!) ruthlessly female. Holmes and Watson became experts in cybercultural and cybercriminal behaviour, presenting these (now) women coming from a place of intelligence above all other attributes. What happens when you step into the dark recesses of the Internet? "Come into my parlour, said the Spider to the Fly...."

Tania Levy

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