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2011 Participants

​(Pirates + Spiders + DNA)
Much Ado About Feckin' Pirates
Margo MacDonald & Richard Gelinas
Lab Experience

We wanted to explore the possibility of improvised content in a set narrative structure. Using two argumentative pirates as characters, we developed a micro-skeleton and conflict during our time at the lab.



Much Ado about Feckin' Pirates premiered at the Gladstone Theatre in March 2014, directed by Al Connors and produced by Parry Riposte Productions. In 2015 it was presented at The Toronto Clown Festival and Undercurrents Ottawa

Margo MacDonald

Richard Gelinas

Catherin Boutin & Elise Gauthier


Lab Experience

We thought we wanted to work on the physicality to accompany an existing text we had worked on in an exploration workshop. However,  Kevin worked with us dramaturgically and Elise ended up writing a new script with the help and support  of Catherine. Araignée became a blend of slam poetry meets theatre experiment during the labs.



Élise and Catherine continued physical explorations with the help of Alix Sideris and Fanny Gilbert-Collet, thanks to an OAC Jets de théâtre grant. They presented a new version as a Carte Blanche at l'Espace René-Provost 2012. L'Araignée was also produced at the 2014 Ottawa Fringe Festival, to sold out audiences and to great critical acclaim. Élise Gauthier was nominated for a Prix Rideau Award for Design (écriture scénique).


(French language project)

Élise Gauthier

Catherine Boutin

We Glow
Brad Long & Emily Pearlman


Lab Experience

Intrigued by a book about the immortal HeLa cell line, Brad and Emily theatrically explored the question “what can your insides tell you about your outsides?” Physical improvisations led to a piece about two characters trying to hear their instincts over the din of other people’s expectations.



We Glow received a workshop reading in 2012 in Studio Leonard Beaulne.

It was presented site specifically in the University of Ottawa senate room for the Ottawa Fringe 2013. In the summer of 2014 We Glow toured to the Winnipeg and Edmonton Fringe Festivals.

Brad Long

Emily Pearlman

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