Creators’ Lab 2019 Applications due Wednesday, April 3rd 2019


Theatre 4.669 is currently looking for creative teams or individuals to participate in our Summer Creation Lab. If you have  a project in the “it’s only an idea right now” phase, and are keen to experiment, generate new ideas, and try out new forms of performance, then you might be a good fit for the lab.


We are looking for all types of performances makers, from poets to dancers, musicians to circus performers. Our past projects have included  text driven plays, improv, TYA, a puppet show, a few musicals and many actor driven new creations. We are keen to try anything. You can check out past projects HERE


Successful applicants will receive the following from Theatre 4.669:


  1. Financial support ($750.00 honorarium per participant)

  2. 30 to 40 hours of studio time at the University of Ottawa

  3. Access to stock furniture, props and costumes and technical advice.

  4. A Theatre 4.669 company member collaborating as dramaturge, director, facilitator, task-master, coordinator, or whatever is needed.

  5. A presentation on Monday, August 12, when all artistic teams will present 15 to 20 minutes of material to an invited audience. The material is usually in its infancy and has ranged from unexpected, uneven to brilliant - all of which are acceptable outcomes for a summer of experimentation.


Application process - It’s so simple:


An individual or group must put together a one to two-page proposal describing your idea and the questions you have surrounding it. In addition, please include the CVs of the creators involved.


If you have applied before without success, PLEASE keep trying.

If you have any questions, please contact Kevin at:


Please email all documents, in one clearly titled PDF file to:

Kevin Orr, Artistic Director, Theatre 4.669 at by April 3rd , 2019 at 5pm.


Selection Criteria:

  • The project is in it early stages and can benefit from exploration in a laboratory setting.

  • The questions you want to explore lend themselves to exploration

  • We believe in equity and inclusion and strongly encourage submissions from all artists regardless of gender, age, race, sexual orientation, physical and mental ability, and experience. Les demandes d’artistes francophones sont encouragées.

  • During May, June, July and the first half of August 2019, each team of creators will meet for approximately two to four hours/week over 12 weeks, give or take for a total of 30 minimum to 40 Maximum hours . Team members, with some flexibility, must be able to fulfill this requirement. We schedule according to everyone’s availability, but if someone on your team is away “all of June and July”, for example, then it is likely not going to be a feasible project.